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Cities fit for children

We believe a city that is safe for kids to ride a bicycle is safe for everyone. We are working to include bicycling into school curriculums so the next generation makes the right choices when they grow up. Are you an educator? Talk to us to understand how we can help.

Cycle to work

Our Cycle To Work campaign has provided much needed peak hour offset in many of our cities. It has decreased pollution, increased productivity and created a momentum that has made cities across the country think about safe cycling infrastructure. We now have a global working group to focus on creating impact. Talk to us to know more.

Emergency response

From delivering essential supplies like medicine, groceries and even books, the bicycle has helped bring relief to many people during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn how the bicycle can be a tool for economic reactivation and social solidarity.

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We lobby for better bicycling infrastructure and policies in the country. Work with us to make better cities for cycling for all.


We offer a rapid relief program to showcase what neighbourhoods centred around people could look like. Get in touch to know more.

Infrastructure Planning

We support cities in their efforts to roll out cycling infrastructure. Partner with us to make your city safer and more comfortable for cyclists.




By managing a high performing team of leaders, we have learned how to scale impact. Get in touch to learn about best practices.


We drive impact through technology across select programs. Work with us to be part of the future of bicycling.


Data plays a major role in how we drive decision making and empower communities and government. Learn more and reach out to collaborate.